Friday, 29 April 2011

"It's not deep enough..."

...That was Donald Bradman's response to the opinion that all coaches should wear concrete boots and be chucked into Sydney harbour. After last night I can see what he means. A single piece of advice, delivered by a well-meaning coach at a fatal moment, caused my bowling to fall apart almost completely last night. And when my bowling falls apart, my batting and fielding are sure to follow soon after. I won't say any more about last night, it really is best forgotten...

Anyway, today half a dozen of us pitched up at the club at 2 and had a bit of a net. After last night's problems I was keen to get it out of my system and get my rhythm back. I wasn't totally successful but it was at least passable. When I got to bat the guys gave me a good half an hour, trying to get my feet moving to the pitch of the ball, and by the end of it I was doing pretty well with some really solid blocks. It was great to get more than the regulation 10 minute net and I'm really grateful to the guys. By the end of it I was knackered and bathed in sweat - I even had to take my helmet off half-way through because I was getting so hot and bothered.

Having taken my pads off, had a rest and a ciggie and mopped all the sweat off my brow I went over and got ready to bowl. One of the guys said "Come on mate, lets see what you got" and I bowled. It's not the best ball I've ever bowled, but it wasn't too far down leg and I did get a good rip on it. Duncan came down the wicket to smash it away, but it dipped under his bat, turned and went straight onto the top of middle stump. Not bad first up! To be honest it was just what I needed to get my confidence back. Later on after we'd finished and the juniors pitched up at 6 I bowled for a time and did exactly the same thing to one of them.

Tomorrow's opponents are Aston, not terribly popular amongst Stafford folk as they nicked a few of our players a year or two back. Sam's said he's going to bat me further down the order, 8 or 9 probably, but I'm not too interested in how I get on with the bat. I want that wicket.

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