Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My first wrong 'un

Apologies that I haven't been updating the blog much lately, I've been rather too busy playing cricket to actually write about it. Anyway, two major landmarks to record today - I bowled my first functioning googly today, and also my first off-spinning flipper.

I've been worried about my googly. I've tried bowling it and it just never seemed to work. Either it'd come out as a top-spinning leg-break, or else it just wouldn't come out at all. I wondered whether my low arm made it impossible for me to bowl one, as I seem to be able to get the action from hand to hand. Anyway, I finally managed to bowl one today and I can remember it feeling distinctly different to how I imagined it would. It didn't turn much, but the main thing is it DID turn. It WAS a googly.

As for my flipper, I've tried bowling a few in the last couple of weeks and it's getting somewhere, and tonight somehow they were all coming out with a little off-spin on them. I wasn't trying to put it there but they were useful balls so I started trying to do it deliberately and it seemed to work OK. Hopefully with a bit of work they should be properly ready by the start of next season, and might even be useful this year if I've run out of alternatives.

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Rob Terrace said...

The Googly is a heck of a difficult delivery to get right, all about wrist positioning. I've not been able to bowl it since I had a thumb operation several years ago. The flipper, once mastered, is a cracker of a deliver to use, its all about getting the ball to come out of the right gap between the fingers, I can't bowl that properly, and it comes out more as a sliding offspinner, which can be just as dangerous.

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