Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Catching practise - "I have a cunning plan..."

No match for me this week, I've been pretty busy and the Girlfriend wanted (and deserved) my undivided attention. I note though that the 4ths lost pretty badly. The scoring looks to have been a bit chaotic but it would appear that only 10 turned up, and the nine wickets fell for 72 runs off 24 overs, with the opposition winning the match in eight overs without loss. On the positive side I suppose it gives me less pressure in future games. I was pleased to see the 3rds won well though.

Anyway, I've been thinking. I didn't have any chances come my way in the last match but I'm still paranoid about my catching. I had an idea that just might help give me more confidence - perhaps I should ask Jo (the team captain) to let me don the gloves and go behind the stumps for a match or two. That way I'm guaranteed to have the ball heading towards me at full pace many, many times throughout the match, and I'll know it's my job to catch them all so there'll be nothing for it but to give each ball my best.

Unfortunately it's not entirely clear when I'll next be able to play, as this weekend I'm away and I'm not totally sure what I'm up to next weekend. It's a little frustrating and to add to that I'm too busy to go to nets on Thursday evening, but I'll just have to muddle on as best as I can.

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Em said...

I am paranoid about my catching ability too and had it proved to me yesterday in a league match that I need to practice. It felt like I was the only person on the team who failed to take a catch!! Hope you manage to get some time behind the stumps. Nothing like a ball flying towards your face at 60mph+ to make your hands do what they are supposed to!

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