Friday, 14 May 2010

When Saturday comes

Looks like I'll be playing for the 4ths against Keele Park 2nds on Saturday. It's a league game so this will be my proper debut for the club. Wish me luck...

Unfortunately I had a commitment last night, and have another tonight, so I haven't had any chance to practise my batting at all since the 3rds V 4ths game three weeks ago. It's a real bind but I'll just have to do my best. I've no idea where I'll be in the batting order, but the best I can hope for is to get the odd run - any more than 5 and I'll be pleased. As for my bowling I'll struggle to have the confidence to have a bowl, as I haven't had too much of a chance to practise lately and what practise I have done has been a little discouraging. Too many balls on too full a length, too inaccurate a line, and the spin's been a bit hit and miss, in so far as my garden gives any reliable indications. If I do bowl it'll mainly be top-spinners and top-spun leg breaks, but I might try the "Baffler" if the situation dictates.

I also have a new bat. I was browsing in Sports Direct in Stafford the other day and saw they had some old stock on sale, so I looked them up and down, went home and thought about it, and today I've gone back and picked up a Slazenger Hyper Blade Elite Pro, a steal at just £50 - about 75% off. This is advertised as being Grade 2 English willow, so it should be plenty good enough for my purposes. It's also a shade lighter than "Virginia", which should hopefully suit me a bit better, and has an oval handle with a green octopus grip. I think I'll call it "Hyacinth" (as in Bucket). I've taken the labels off the front and sides, sanded off the varnish and oiled it, so it's ready to go for tomorrow.

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