Monday, 21 May 2012

Finger update

The swelling on my finger was still evident today so I rang NHS Direct for some advice, and the nice lady who spoke to me said that a trip to A&E might be in order. After a fairly lengthy but not unreasonable wait, my finger was seen to by a doctor who, after the odd prod and squeeze here and there - "Does this hurt? No... Does this hurt? No... Does this hurt? YES!!!" - sent me for an X-ray. Three X-rays and a short wait later I was told they suspect there's a small fracture just above the joint that was dislocated, but that otherwise I should retain full function in the finger once it's healed. I've got to see a specialist on Monday, but for now I'm out of action for the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...

Hi mate

Just come across your blog, it's fascinating! Have you stopped posting? I'm an opening bat who is thinking of starting to bowl a bit of spin next season so found your posts very very interesting.


Stuart Larner said...

nice blog

same thing happened to me recently. Fracture of the fifth metacarpal trying for a catch.

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please let me know


Stuart Larner

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Owen said...

cool story

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