Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Kit update - shoes

My feet aren't quite the same size - one's a 9 1/3, the other a 9 2/3 (I can never remember which one's which) - so either a 9 or a 10 will be pretty good for one foot and nearly a size out for the other, thus it's infinitely preferable for me to get shoes that are a size 9 1/2 which are only 1/6th out for each foot.

So I was rather concerned when Cricket Direct rang me up last week asking whether I'd take a size 9 or a 10 instead of waiting for the 9 1/2 Asics Gel Gullys that I'd ordered from their stock from last year. In the end I opted to wait, after all I'd only ordered the shoes from them because I couldn't find half sizes anywhere else. If they couldn't get me a 9 1/2 I was at a loss as to where else I could get some cricket shoes as I haven't seen them stocked anywhere in town.

Yesterday a slip was put through the door to say I'd missed a parcel, so this morning I had to stay in to receive it. Naturally the guy had to wait until I had to pop to the loo to knock on the door, but thankfully I just about got to the door on time! I opened up the box expecting to find the other two items I'd ordered ('keepers pads and gloves for the girlfriend to use when I'm practising my bowling) and no shoes, but to my surprise I found that not only were the shoes there, they'd upgraded me to some of this year's Gully 2s. I'm pretty sure the difference is purely cosmetic, but it's nice of them all the same.

The verdict is they fit both feet pretty well and really look and feel the business. They're a world away from the clog-like instruments of torture I can remember us all having to wear at my first school!

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