Wednesday, 17 February 2010


It's very frustrating having this bad shoulder holding me up. Last week I was just getting the hang of a beautifully rhythmic 5-step run-up, and releasing the ball so it looped up on a nice length, and getting a little bit of turn.

Naturally I was looking forward to using all these bits and pieces that I'd got sorted out and practising the timing of my release so that I could land on a good line (with my round-arm style, timing is everything, especially the line) but instead I've got several days to let the shoulder heal, followed by god-knows how long working on strengthening my shoulders up so this is less likely to happen again.

My shoulders have never been particularly strong. When I bowled at school it was clear that even if my bowling had been good enough (which, due to an overambitious attempt to invent a new type of bowling, it wasn't) it was clear I'd never have been capable of enduring a spell of half a dozen overs; my shoulders just couldn't take it.

So now that I finally find myself teetering on the brink of actually turning into a half-decent wrist-spinner (and from what I've bowled so far it does seem to be just a matter of lots and lots of practise), once again I'm held up by my body. In the past I'd have just given it up as something I'm not capable of doing, but I have in the last few years been able to strengthen my arms from some light weight training so I'm more inclined to believe I can bring about the change in my physique required to allow me to be bowling pretty much as many overs as I want to. It always seems to feel as if I have to do things in spite of my body though...

I'm told based on where the pain is coming from that I've injured my rotator cuff muscles, much the same as what I did to my other shoulder a few weeks back, and since it's now happened to both shoulders it's pretty clear what I need to be working on. It seems from the gurus at the BigCricket forums that the answer is press-ups, something that, tellingly, I've always been terrible at.

Not just any old press-ups though - rotational press-ups... Good grief, what have I let myself in for. Next thing you know I'll be joining a gym, and that really will be a world gone mad.

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