Saturday, 7 August 2010

Saturday on the sidelines

I arrived at the ground just after noon on Saturday and had to hang around a while before I found out if I was playing or not. I went and bowled in the nets for about half an hour or so, again with a net to myself while everyone else got on with it next door, and the results were a little improved on Thursday night despite my illness seeming to have got worse. Then eventually everyone turned up so I was left without a game. I volunteered to do the scorebook, but was still a little disappointed not to be back playing. The captain has a system now of people who played the previous match getting priority for places, so I can't complain.

Ultimately it was probably as well that I wasn't playing as with half of the second innings left my flu got worse and I had to hand the scorebook over and head home to nurse a nasty headache. Fingers crossed I can overcome this flu and get a game next week, as there's only four matches left to go!

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