Thursday, 28 October 2010

Coming soon: the Ashes advent calendar

As I'm completely stumped for what else to fill this blog with between now and the start of England's glorious crusade to retain the Ashes, from the start of November I'll be doing an Ashes advent calender, counting down to the First Test in Brisbane with feature on a different Ashes-related subject each day.

Sadly, since no-one has yet devised a way to send it down a telephone wire, you will have to get your own chocolate...

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Look forward to reading these. Any of these likely to crop up?

- Vaughan's 600+ runs in 2000/01
- Benaud's jacket
- Boon's 50-odd beers
- Big Merv's Big Tache (I love that tache)
- Steve Waugh's last-ball ton at the SCG ( - I just realised Richard Dawson was bowling. Richard Dawson was playing for England. In the Ashes. That gives me some serious belief.

And Willy Wonka worked out how to send chocolate down a TV aerial didn't he?

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