Saturday, 30 October 2010

Presentation evening

So after my first season of cricket, last night saw me attend my first presentation evening, as the club came together to look back on the year and give out prizes to the best performers.

After a beer or two and a three-course meal, it was on to the presentations. Firstly ties were awarded to all those who had taken hat-tricks or scored hundreds - there were 5 centurions and no hat-tricks - before each team captain in turn described his side's season before picking his player of the year. Only the 3rds seem to have had a decent season, but everyone seemed to have had a fun year.

Within the 4ths, Jo started off then left it to Bob to describe how the season had gone (Jo was officially team captain but got injured early on and missed most of the season). Bob said some very nice things about me, even if it was on the theme of "he makes up for in enthusiasm what he lacks in talent", and it was nice - if a little awkward - to get a clap from those present. In terms of the player of the year award everyone knows that, as with other teams, the Captain was the only real candidate but had to give it to someone else. Sam was pretty desperate to get the award, and Phil says he won't retire until he's won one, but Bob chose to give it to Duncan, who I have to say would have been my choice. Sam had the best bowling spell of the year in my opinion, Phil was the most resolutely consistent performer, but all round it was Duncan, in his first year playing cricket, who you could ask to do anything and he'd make a good fist of it. Certainly he had the safest hands in the side.

Afterwards we went out on the town, which is always rather arduous on the liver, but it's always worth it to have a giggle at the way that, suitably lubricated, Duncan will make a pass at virtually anyone. There was towards the end of the night some talk of perhaps organising a tour to India, but while I would obviously absolutely love to play cricket in a different country, particularly spin-friendly India, I'm wary that I've heard many a plan at 4am after a fair few drinks that never ultimately amounted to anything.

On Thursday night there's a Special General Meeting to decide all the positions within the Cricketing side of the club for next year, and foremost in most people's minds is the captaincy roles. Bob seems to have his eye on captaining the 2nds, and for my part I think the 2nds would be very lucky to have him. For the 4ths the only candidate seems to be Sam, and to give him his due he's absolutely got his heart set on it - he's been pestering us about it for months! I shan't pretend that I don't myself harbour a certain ambition in that direction, but clearly I'm far too inexperienced to take it on any time soon, so that's very much a long-term ambition. In the meantime I'll settle for serving a stint on the playing committee. I have a fair amount of experience in sporting administration so I hope I can prove to be of some worth.

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