Sunday, 17 October 2010

Entering uncharted territory

Wonders will never cease - I have at last decided to join a gym. Such a thing would have been unthinkable only a short while ago, but such is the devastating effect that my cricket habit has had on me.

It was clear in a few matches this season that after a couple of hours in the field I was prone to rather too much fatigue, and in those overs where three or four ball-chases came my way the third and fourth were considerably more challenging. I am pretty much the only smoker on the team, which doesn't help, but my overall fitness has had precious little attention in about 11 years and overall I just haven't taken care of myself. Back then I could run a mile in a little over 5 minutes, but today I'm not sure I'd even make it that far.

So today I've enquired about joining the gym at my local municipal sports centre, and on Thursday I'll be going for an induction. I have to sign up for a minimum of 6 months which means I have to commit at least £150, but to put it into perspective I suppose it's less than a month's worth of ciggies. Maybe I should have another go at switching from smoking cigarettes to taking snuff (powdered tobacco that you take nasally), but while it's undoubtedly healthier and MUCH cheaper I just can't get round the awkwardness of taking snuff in public.

Anyway, I'll have to explain to whatever trainers are available what I want to get out of my gym membership and my time-scale for doing so, and it essentially boils down to working on these four things between now and May:

1. All-round aerobic fitness (for more endurance in the field)
2. Upper-body strength (for a more powerful throwing arm and bigger hitting)
3. Rotator cuff strength (to reduce bowling injuries)
4. Balance (to improve batting and bowling)

It's probably best I don't set any specific targets for myself until I've had a go in the gym and know more precisely what my current state of fitness is, but it would be good to get back to something approaching my fitness when I left school.

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jamesPbutler said...

im leaving my fitness regime till after xmas, all the xmas ale will have such a detrimental effect plus drinking while watching the ashes i dont see any point in starting yet. :-)

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